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Denny Hamlin - FedEx Race Car Hauler

It’s 2020 and NASCAR Is Coming To Las Vegas!! 


The FedEx Express #11 NASCAR is coming to Las Vegas for a special photo op, and meet and greet with the Rigid Axle team.

FedEx #11 will be arriving a few days early for the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the 2020 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to stop by for your chance to hear the engine start and get your chance to take a selfie with this Joe Gibbs Racing 3.5L, 358 cubic inch, motor.

FUN FACTS ABOUT the #11 FedEx Race Car and Transport Hauler:

It takes 2 drivers to operate the long distance from race to race.

The FedEx #11 has a V8, 3456cc, Toyota engine with a 4 speed manual transmission and front wheel drive. This race car runs on Sunoco 87 octane and puts out 725 horse power, with a double-wishbone multi-link rear suspension.

This NASCAR runs a Ford 9-inch ring and pinion, who would have thought?

Industry experts often say Ford created the highest, most durable and well built performance ring and pinion differential gear setup ever made.

Ford 9 Inch Rear End - Nitro Gear & Axle

Because of it’s design the Ford 9-inch is nearly indestructible. It’s extremely durable and almost impossible to destroy.

As a third member rear end the Ford 9-inch is great for testing and swapping.

So that NASCAR crews can have multiple third members prepped for a race track with different gear ratios setup inside them and then simply swap out one set of gears for another by changing the entire third member units when needed.

These are some of the advantages for running a Ford 9-inch rear end.

Here is one that's even nicer... The Nitro Gear & Axle Ford 9".

Nitro Gear - Ford 9"

The FedEx Hauler trailer is 53’ long but when measured with the truck stretches out to a cool 78’ in length. Running down the highway with Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing’s #11 FedEx Express Toyota.

Joe Gibbs Racing, is headquartered in Huntersville, NC and signed Denny Hamlin to the race team back in 2005, after being discovered by J.D. Gibbs.

The FedEx Racing Transport trailer holds 300 gallons of fuel and travels at a rate of 4.5mpg. Crossing the U.S. with up to 70,000 miles per season.

NASCARs use Ford 9" rear end - NASCAR FedEx Trailer

Photo credit Nigel Kinrade/LAT Photo USA

Fully loaded the FedEx Hauler for the #11 FedEx NASCAR can carry 78,000-80,000 lbs. The FedEx Hauler us a critical piece of equipment that serves the #11 team as headquarters for the 3 to 4 days typically spent at the track for the duration of the 38 races happening in the 2020 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

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