Tru-Cool Max 40,000 40K GVW Transmission Fluid Oil Cooler Heavy Duty and Towing

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Fluid Cooler

Rigid Axle

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Tru-Cool 40,000 GVW Transmission Oil Cooler

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Package Includes:

(1) 40K Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler Kit
- Hose
- Fittings and Hardware
- Install Instructions

- Best cooler on the market for High Performance, Heavy Duty, and extreme applications. If you have a performance torque converter in your vehicle, this cooler is needed to keep you temps in check.

- When an auxiliary transmission oil cooler is required for your vehicle, Tru-Cool Max delivers optimal protection with double the cooling performance of our other products. Maintain lower temperatures in your transmission and lubricant with Tru-Cool and extend the life of the vehicle you depend on. Drive hard. Rest easy. Get the OE advantage that comes from a Tru-Cool LPD transmission oil cooler plus the proven cooling that can help you protect your investment and your warranties.

  • Double the cooling performance of the Tru-Cool LPD
  • Durable brazed aluminum construction with a lifetime guarantee
  • Precise fin spacing for efficient air flow and cooling



  • All Vehicles and Applications


  • GVW Rating: 40,000
  • Number of Plates: 13
  • Cooling Plate Type: Max Fin and Plate
  • Cooler Size: 8-1/2" x 22" x 1-1/4"
  • BTU Rating: 45,000
  • Cooler Fitting Size: 3/8" Inverted Flare Hex

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  - Tru-Cool Thermal Products

Extend the life of your transmission and avoid costly repairs with Tru-Cool® transmission and engine coolers. Keep your operating temperatures low, even in harsh conditions, and protect the vehicle you rely on.

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