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Viscous Coupling - 26676

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Viscous Coupling

Rigid Axle

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New Process Transfer Case Viscous Coupler


Package Includes:

(1) Viscous Coupler

- The main symptom sounds of a Viscous Coupling failure include chirping or spinning of the front tires during sharp, slow turns on pavement where you would not expect any chirping. The Viscous Coupling is a sealed unit and does not operate using the fluids within the transfer case so changing the fluids within the case will not fix any problems with the Viscous Coupling. Changing the fluids will, however, aid in keeping the rest of the transfer case in good shape. Heat buildup inside the Viscous Coupling is both what can destroy it and what operates it. Whenever the speed of the front and rear drivelines does not match perfectly, the plates inside the Viscous Coupling are slipping in the internal fluids, creating heat. Minimizing that heat is the key to long life. You must keep the same tire pressure in the front and rear tires so they are the same running diameter at all times. One common tool to diagnose failure is to drive the vehicle in tight figure 8's. If it hops or chirps, there is a high probability that the Viscous is in need of replacement.

- Rigid Axle is proud to offer our customers a full line of differential, transfer case, and transmission parts. We specialize in complete rebuild kits for domestic cars and trucks. Give us a call with your year, make, and model and we'll build you a custom kit for your build!


  • Jeep Grand Wagoneer (1993)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (1993-2004)


  • Transfer Case Model: New Process NP249.
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