ClickCease NP249 NP 249JA Transfer Case Overhaul Package Jeep Quadra Trac –


NP249 NP 249JA Transfer Case Overhaul Package Jeep Quadra Trac



Transfer Case Package

Rigid Axle

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New OEM Shop Overhaul Package


(1) Viscous Coupler for Full Time AWD Jeep 4x4 Transfercase

(1) Pump Assembly

(1) Master Bearing Overhaul Kit

(1) Drive Chain / 1.25" Wide / 49 Links

(1) Gaskets and Seal Kit



  • Years 1995-1998 4x4
  • New Venture Gear, New Process
  • Please verify the metal tag on your transfer case says one of the following model numbers:This is a full time AWD 4x4 transfercase.
    • NP249J
  • Same kit used in the shop to Overhaul a New Process 249 Jeep Transfer Case
  • Includes all the ball roller bearings, needles, needle roller bearings, seals, o-rings, gaskets, and fork inserts
  • Retail Price $1467.99

The Problem / Fix:
The main symptom sounds of a Viscous Coupling failure include chirping or spinning of the front tires during sharp, slow turns on pavement where you would not expect any chirping. The Viscous Coupling is a sealed unit and does not operate using the fluids within the transfer case so changing the fluids within the case will not fix any problems with the Viscous Coupling. Changing the fluids will, however, aid in keeping the rest of the transfer case in good shape. Heat buildup inside the Viscous Coupling is both what can destroy it and what operates it. Whenever the speed of the front and rear drivelines does not match perfectly, the plates inside the Viscous Coupling are slipping in the internal fluids, creating heat. Minimizing that heat is the key to long life. You must keep the same tire preassure in the front and rear tires so they are the same running diameter at all times.  One common tool to diagnose failure is to drive the vehicle in tight figure 8's.  If it hops or chirps, there is a high probability that the Viscous is in need of replacement. 

You can identify this transfer case by the tag on the back of the rear case half that says NP249J.

1998-96 Quadra-Trac, 23 spline input, 27 spline rear slip, viscous clutch, slip rear output, fixed front yoke, shift indicator located above shift lever, 1.750 speedometer hole, .840" exposed input shaft New Process.
1995 Quadra-Trac, 23 spline input, 27 spline rear slip, viscous clutch, slip rear output, fixed front yoke, 1.750 speedometer hole, shift indicator located above shift lever, 1.550" exposed input shaft New Process.

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