ClickCease Ford Cruise-O-Matic FX Small Automatic Transmission Master Overhaul Re – Rigid Axle


Ford Cruise-O-Matic FX Small Automatic Transmission Master Overhaul Rebuild Kit

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Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit

Rigid Axle

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OEM Quality Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit


Kit Contents:

Paper and Rubber Kit

Metal Clad Seals

Ring Kit

Friction Clutches


  • Master Overhaul Rebuild Kit without Steels
  • Fits 1951-1967, Cruise O Matic "Small Case"
  • Used in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury
  • 3 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Introduced in 1951, the Cruise-O-Matic series of three-speed automatics (which includes the FMX) was used in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury passenger cars until 1979, and in light trucks from 1968 through 1979. The Cruise-O-Matic transmissions are easily identified by their design, which has a cast-iron main case (unlike all other Ford three-speed automatic offerings) with separate aluminum bellhousings and bolt on extension housings. The Cruise-O-Matics should be avoided in performance applications as very little is available in the way of aftermarket performance parts other than shift kits. The Cruise-O-Matics were also offered with all three bolt-common V8-pattern bellhousings.
    Three Variations:
    • small case (from 1951 to 1966) this Kit is for this variation.
    • medium case (from 1955 to 1968) Not included
    • FMX (from 1967 to 1979) Not Included
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