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BRNY Anti Wear Case Protector Plate - 100246-02K

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Transfer Case Saver

Rigid Axle

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New Process Transfer Case BRNY Anti Wear Case Protector Plate


Package Includes:

(1) BRNY Anti Wear Case Protector Plate

- All Rigid Axle rebuild kits include case halfs that come reinforced around the pump. The BRNY wear plate and Merchant Automotive pump upgrade kit are NOT needed. This will save you time and money! Our casting features a precisely machined oil pump seat that fixes the "pump rub" issue found on the OEM magnesium models. Your pump will no longer wear through the case causing leaks. Even though the BRNY transfer case wear plate is not required, it can be used for extra insurance and peace of mind. This casting also features strengthened ribs with 5mm more material. If that isn't enough, each case is 100% leak tested before it leaves our facility. Our case half comes with two threaded sensor ports, a sensor port plug in case your truck only requires one speed sensor, a tailshaft bushing already pressed in, and the output shaft needle bearing already installed. You are guaranteed to get a far superior product when ordering through Rigid Axle!

- Rigid Axle is proud to offer our customers a full line of differential, transfer case, and transmission parts. We specialize in complete rebuild kits for domestic cars and trucks. Give us a call with your year, make, and model and we'll build you a custom kit for your build!


  • NP136
  • NP149
  • NP236
  • NP246
  • NP261
  • NP263


  • Transfer Case Model: New Process NP149 & NP246
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